HydroGeo, Inc. offers a full range of professional consulting services in ground and surface water hydrology for domestic and international projects. HydroGeo's team of professionals consists of individuals with a wide range of practical expertise in the fields of hydrology, hydraulics, hydrogeology, geochemistry, geology, civil engineering, and botany.

HydroGeo has provided professional consulting services for mining and energy projects, oil and gas projects, utility companies, ski areas, municipalities, consultants, and government agencies.

HydroGeo has completed hundreds of projects worldwide. We are dedicated to providing our clients with responsive, high quality professional services.

HydroGeo's principal hydrogeologist and President, Joe R. Frank, has over 30 years of professional and project managerial experience. Our small size and efficiency enables HydroGeo to provide cost effective and high quality service.

HydroGeo's principal areas of expertise include:

Groundwater Studies

  • Hydrogeologic studies
  • Field investigations
  • Installation and testing of monitoring wells
  • Water quality data management
  • Design and performance of aquifer testing
  • Groundwater studies for open pit and underground mines
  • Groundwater studies for coal bed methane projects
  • Groundwater studies for the oil and gas industry
  • Groundwater studies for dam, pumping stations, and tailings ponds
  • Groundwater treatment systems

Surface Water Studies

  • Hydrology studies
  • Surface water monitoring programs
  • Water quality data management
  • Design and installation of stream gauging stations
  • Flood plain delineation
  • Flood control and drainage facility design
  • Water supply studies
  • Pumping stations
  • Sediment yield studies
  • Water quality and sediment control facility design and permitting (NPDES)
  • Storm water runoff management studies and permitting
  • Pipeline planning and design

Water Supply Studies

  • Location of water wells
  • Design and installation of wells
  • Design of well fields
  • Aquifer testing
  • Surface and groundwater supply studies for industrial, agricultural, and municipal purposes

Environmental Impacts and Groundwater Pollution Control Studies

  • Environmental impact statements
  • Environmental assessments
  • Environmental impacts of mining, oil and gas, and ground water extraction
  • Groundwater pollution prevention and remedial measures
  • Hydrogeological site assessments
  • Environmental audits and due diligence studies
  • Contaminant transport and geochemical computer modeling

Surface and Ground Water Studies for Mining, Milling, and Oil and Gas Permits

  • Field investigations and monitoring
  • Presentations and expert witnessing
  • Assistance with NPDES permitting
  • Alluvial valley floor studies
  • Sedimentation studies

Special Studies for the Mining and Oil and Gas Industries

  • Feasibility studies for mines and oil and gas projects, including preparation of international and domestic "Bankable" documents
  • Impacts of land subsidence on surface and ground water resources
  • Investigations of water inflow into mines using radioactive and tracer chemicals
  • Calculations of water inflow into underground and surface mines and other excavations
  • Recommendations of remedial measures for controlling water seepage
  • Design and installation of dewatering systems
  • Computer modeling of water inflows into mines and excavations
  • Geochemical modeling
  • Post-operational mine filling with water
  • Age-dating of ground waters
  • Due Diligence Analysis for mines and oil and gas projects
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